Following a period of downtime due to a complete house & office move, I am pleased to announce the Copper Worldwide Vol 11 No 2 issue is in global distribution and things are returning to near normal shape.

Highlights in this issue include Phillip Mackey’s detailed article (pp 8,9) on the exceptional Aurubis Hamburg Smelter, which has just begun trialling hydrogen gas for copper de-oxidation in the anode furnace, whilst Analyst Jonathan Barnes (p. 12) runs over the electro-deposited copper foil market with his customary diligence. A futher page of EV sector stories is on page 21.

Given prominence on Page 3 are reviews of presentations at the most recent online copper events in April and May. Different aspects of supply, sustainability and the circular economy concept also feature (pp 1, 11) in this latest CW issue.

Best regards

Chris K. Holding