CW Vol 6 No 2 Issue

KEY WORDS Parra and Mackey think there is scope for increased R & D activity by industry with the objective of lowering the cost of production. They plan to develop a new measurement metric, the ‘Innovation Index’ in order to map a company’s commitment to research and development that can help them keep ahead of the cost curve.

SPOTLIGHT – SOUTH KOREA The main challenges facing the industry here have been a combination of a sluggish domestic economy and local market, substitution pressures, deteriorating export opportunities to China, ASEAN and beyond, due to increasing production capabilities in these countries, and rising low cost imports from China, writes independent analyst Jonathan Barnes.


Released in May 2016, the International Wrought Copper Council’s six monthly review of the copper market and resulting forecasts for copper supply and demand suggest for 2016 that copper mine production might be 18.935 million tonnes (Mt), with an expected increase of 3.4% to 19.572 Mt in 2017.

The first Metal Bulletin Iranian Base Metals Conference will take place on 6-7 September 2016 in Tehran, examining the market dynamics for aluminium, copper, lead and zinc. The political landscape in Iran is changing and the easing of sanctions will bring a wealth of opportunities for both Iranian and international companies.

The OECD reported in February 2016 that China had invested 2.05% of its GDP in research and development in 2015, while the 28-member EU averaged 1.94%, well below its target to spend 3% of GDP on R&D by 2020.

The International Copper Study Group expects world apparent refined usage in 2016 to remain flat. This is mainly because apparent demand in China is expected to remain essentially flat (+0.5%), although underlying ‘real’ demand growth in China is estimated by others at around 3-4%.

In February 2016, refined copper production was 1,973.9 kt and consumption was 1,929.2 kt, according to the World Bureau of Metal Statistics.

CESCO Week 2016 saw CRU forecast refined copper consumption for ASEAN and India to rise by 4.3 Mt by 2025, making these key markets, at its 15th World Copper Conference.


  • PRIMARY SMELTING – Several new-build and revamped acid plant projects were progressed
  • COPPER IN AUSTRALIA – Fascinating historical study with a present day outlook
  • MANAGERIAL REVIEW – New strategies and project progress summarised
  • INSTRUMENTATION – Latest analysers and pyrometers