Vancouver is the barometer of copper innovation #3

COM + Copper 2019 Awards

The MetSoc of CIM Awards of Excellence Program will present the following accolades at the MetSoc Awards banquet on 20 August during COM + Copper 2019 in Vancouver:

  • Airey Award
  • Award for Research Excellence
  • Silver Medal
  • Brimacombe Award
  • Environmental Award
  • Innovation Award
  • Student Scholarships
  • Technical Section Awards.

The various sections of METSOC will also be giving out the following awards:

  • Distinguished Materials Scientist
  • Sherritt Hydrometallurgy
  • Light Metals Best Paper
  • Pyrometallurgy
  • MetSoc Best Paper.

MetSoc thanks its Awards supporters who contributed to the MetSoc Fund for Students CIM Foundation.

Kemetco and BC Research tour

This 22 August tour comprises as follows:

Kemetco Research is a private sector integrated science, technology and innovation company. The tour will provide an opportunity to see Kemetco’s newly constructed (2015) 20,000 sq ft R&D facility in Richmond, BC. Some of Kemetco’s commercialisation projects will be viewed, such as the robust ORP sensor (UBC Technology), a lithium ion battery recycling pilot plant, and a hydrometallurgical process pilot plant.

BC Research is part of the NORAM group of companies, which is vertically integrated to provide clients with a unique technology development and commercialisation ecosystem in chemical engineering, extractive metallurgy, and clean-tech processes and technologies. The tour will be of BCRI’s new piloting and laboratory space in Richmond, BC. Some of BCRI’s signature projects will be on display, which might include work on electrochemical salt splitting, green energy, oil and gas, waste treatment, and new chemical processes.

COM + Copper 2019